Old Appliance Disposal and White Goods Recycling

Do you have scrap metal lying around your home or vacant block? Are old appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, water heaters and other materials cluttering up your shed or yard? Quickly and easily turn that unwanted clutter into money by recycling your white goods and old appliances. 

Unlike some of our competitors in the market, Scrappy’s welcomes all kinds of residential scrap metal materials in any quantity. From small domestic electrical items such as microwaves, stoves and air conditioners to large industrial items such as fridges, freezers and electric motors, our expert staff will assist you in turning unwanted waste into instant money rewards.  

Even better, we offer a free collection service throughout the Melbourne metropolitan area. Please call us to talk about your scrap metal pick up, or complete the online enquiry form to receive a residential scrap metal collection service. 

Some of the items commonly found in households that can be recycled are:

  • Laundry white goods; such as washing machines & clothes dryer 
  • Hot water & water heating systems 
  • Heating systems 
  • Washing machines, fridges & freezers 
  • Small appliances; such as microwaves, ovens & stovetops 
  • Televisions & stereos 
  • Aluminium cans 
  • Steel beams 
  • Sinks & pipes 
  • Electrical cables 
  • Taps & steel plumbing 
  • Copper piping 
  • Radiators & motors 
  • Mag wheels 
  • Wrecked old cars 
  • Lead, brass & copper 
  • Cars and motorcycles 
  • Car parts and batteries 

Choose Scrappy’s for professional service combined with great prices 

As one of Victoria’s largest collectors of old appliances, unwanted white goods and other residential scrap metals, Scrappy’s can offer the highest prices. Established in 2011, we utilise years of experience combined with state of the art instruments to determine the exact content and value of the waste metal. 

Our scrap metal recycling centre is conveniently located in Albion, right next to Sunshine and within close proximity to a number of Melbourne’s major western suburbs. Drive in to our recycling centre and get paid money for your scrap metal goods, or alternatively we can also offer bin collection services. 

Scrappy’s use of state-of-the-art analytical equipment allows us to determine the composition of scrap that we are purchasing, thereby providing high quality metal for foundries, as well as ensuring that our customers are realistically rewarded for more valuable scrap. 

Providing safe, efficient and environmentally sustainable residential scrap metal recycling, we have a strong reputation for customer satisfaction, honest and accurate remuneration, excellent service, and high quality materials. Want to know more? Contact us – book a service or call us today!