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Established in 2004, Scrappy’s is one of the largest scrap metal recycling companies in Melbourne.

Metal recycling is the future for our country’s sustainability. Not many people realise how much scrap metal can be recycled and its true value. Our customers are often surprised when they hear the prices we are offering for their waste metal.

It’s simple to get paid for recycling ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal. Our recycling service includes collection, transport, receiving, storage, recycling and disposal of a complete range of metals. Click below to view some of the typical items we buy every day.
Some of the metal we buy can be reused without scrapping. We also acquire unusual lengths that can't be sold at full price. Or maybe it's weathered, dented or doesn't quite meet standards. We sell this as second hand or downgrade steel.
A conveniently located weighbridge designed for trucks, caravans, trailers and passenger vehicles. Weighbridges determine the mass of a vehicle, including prime movers and connected trailers, useful when measuring scrap for transport compliance.
Our bin services are a great way to maximise efficiency and return. We provide a range of tailored programmes and bin collection designed to reduce labour, meet compliance and simplify your metal recycling requirements.
Our fleet of modern trucks are equipped to handle everything - bins, vehicles, buildings and deconstruction. We buy and collect cars for scrap throughout the western suburbs. Our industrial services dismantle and remove steel buildings and machinery.
While we scrap residential and building metals, we also work with industry to recycle factories and large machinery. This work demands specialised decommission and removal. We have the experience and equipment to fulfil these demanding projects.

Simple steps to get paid for scrap metal.

Call or Contact Us
Got something metal to sell for scrap? Our friendly staff are standing by to answer your questions. Call or use one of the contact forms to send a photo of the items.
Receive Your Quote
With over a decade of experience we can provide estimates by phone or email for most transactions. Your estimate will let you know what to expect. We will give you a final price after the metal is inspected and weighed. No surprises!
Book Collection, Bin or Decommission
We can arrange collection of large amounts of residential scrap and vehicles in the western suburbs. For industrial metal and machinery, we will schedule time onsite to decommission and remove everything for recycling.
Local Drop-Off
We are in Albion (near Sunshine) in the heart of Melbourne’s western suburbs. Drop in anytime – there may be a queue so allow some time. Once the metal has been inspected and accurately weighed, we will provide a final purchase price.
Get Paid
We offer the fairest prices. You are likely to get more money in your account through the combination of our Downgrade Steel sales and relationships with the biggest scrap metal wholesales in Australia.

We are standing-by to answer your call.

Request a Quote

We are standing by to take your call or message. Have you got any questions about your next scrap metal project? Questions about recycling metal? Our team has years of experience in the industry and can answer most questions quickly. We have even included a upload feature in our contact form. Add photos of your items to help us provide more accurate estimates. We are here to help!

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    New To Scrappys
    Downgrade Steel Sales

    We buy lots of metal and some can be reused without scrapping. We also sell unusual lengths that can’t be sold at full price. Or maybe weathered, dented or metal that doesn’t meet standards. We sell this heaviliy discounted as second-hand or downgraded.

    Building & Construction

    Second-hand metal building materials are available at heavily discounted prices. While these may be weathered, dented or odd lengths, they are perfect for internal use when the appearance doesnt matter. Alternatively, the weathered look may present new possibilities and effects.

    Home, Shed &

    Downgrade steel is ideal for projects around the home, shed, garage and in the garden. Ideal for any project that doesn’t need new materials or may benefit from an unusually worn texture. Projects like veggie gardens, edging and other similar non-structural purposes are perfect for downgrade.

    Plumbing & Trades

    Are you a plumber, carpenter, or electrician and need to get a job done on a tight budget where the condition doesn’t matter? Second hand or downgrade parts are your best solution. Second hand metal building materials are available at heavily discounted prices.

    Welcome to our yard!
    Located in the western suburbs of Melbourne, our yard has specialised facilities and machinery to assess, weigh, remove and strip scrap metal for recycling. Our fleet of trucks is available for vehicles collection, delivery of bins for industrial metal waste and cranes for deconstructing buildings and lifting machinery.
    Our team of experienced scrap metal recycling experts has over decades of combined experience working in the industry. There is not a job we can’t handle and little we haven’t seen already.
    Established in 2004, we are proud to be one of the largest scrap metal recycling companies in Melbourne. We provide safe, efficient and environmentally sustainable metal recycling. We have a strong reputation for customer satisfaction, honest and accurate prices, excellent service, and high quality processes.
    Public Weighbridge

    Founder and managing director.


    Business and financial manager.

    Why choose us
    It’s easy to claim we are the best, here are the reasons that it’s true.
    Public Weighbridge
    Our onsite weighbridge ensures truck and trailer loads of industrial scrap metal can be weighed quickly & accurately.
    Central Location
    Located near Sunshine in Melbourne's western suburbs. Off-street parking available & close to the Western Ring Road.
    11 Years Experience
    Formed in 2009, we have been in business for 11 years. Our team has years more collected experience and specific knowledge.
    Family Business
    Scrappys is a local, family run scrap yard with a reputation for honesty, fairness and putting our customers' interests first.
    Commercial Decommission
    Our team can decommission commercial factories and metal structures including any industrial machinery, and arrange removal for scrapping.
    Onsite Recycling Bins
    Commercial size bins for industrial metal waste can be delivered onsite and rotated on schedule for efficient management of your resources.
    Free Collection
    Our modern truck fleet is available for collection of vehicles in the western suburbs and industrial loads by arrangement.
    Truck & Crane Fleet
    Our fleet is equipped to handle industrial bins, vehicle removal and transport, commercial lifting and removal.