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Insulated Cables

Scrappy’s buys insulated cables.

Electrical cables are generally composed of a metal wire conductor housed within plastic insulation. Recycling insulated cables aids in the recovery of both metal and plastic resources for reuse. The most common metals used for the inner wire include copper and aluminium. When recycled these metals don’t degrade which means they can be recycled indefinitely.

Old copper and aluminium wires covered in insulation cannot recycled directly, as the insulation must be removed first. Scrappy’s utilise a mechanical process where the insulation stripped from the copper or aluminium wire for recycling.

While recycling companies adopt different methods of recycling insulated cables, the basic objective remains the same – separate the metal wires from the rubber/plastic casing and extract the precious metals. After the recycling process is completed, you get concentrated copper, brass and steel fine powder.

Copper is the most recycled wire material as we use it in items ranging from air conditioning, plumbing and electronics. This is because it is an excellent conductor of electricity and heat.

At Scrappy’s Metal Recycling Pty Ltd it is our priority to provide the highest level of scrap metal recycling services to all of our domestic, commercial and industrial customers. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and dedication to customer service.

We provide a convenient drop off service for all of our domestic and residential customers. We specialise in removing your white-goods, old appliances, fridges, freezers, aluminium windows, old metal roofing – and that is only the start! If you have scrap metal you want removed, call us now to arrange a collection or delivery of a scrap metal bin.

Scrappy’s buys the full range of scrap for recycling including copper, lead, stainless steel, scrap white-goods, brass, nickel, steel, aluminium, PVC and wire. Plus scrap cars, machinery, radiators, batteries, pipes, off-cuts, extrusion, pressings and more.

Our scrap metal recycling centre is conveniently located in Albion (near Sunshine), the heart of Melbournes Western suburbs. We offer a wide range of scrap metal recycling resources to industrial, business, commercial, residential and domestic customers. This includes competitive scrap metal recycling prices for all metals and recycling programs tailored to suit our clients.