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Lead Acid Batteries

Scrappy’s buys lead acid batteries for disposal.

Lead-acid batteries are the mainstay of storage technologies for renewable energy sources, such as solar cell and wind turbines, and are used to power cars, trucks, buses, motorbikes, electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles. Furthermore, lead-acid batteries are vital as a back-up emergency power supply in case of mains power failure in hospitals, telephone exchanges, mobile phone networks, public buildings and for the emergency services.

Lead-acid batteries can be recycled into new products. Recycling of lead-acid batteries uses less energy than refining primary ore and removes dangerous lead from the environment. Through the recycling process, 96% of the base components of lead-acid batteries are recoverable. The materials extracted are used in the re-manufacturing of batteries and plastic moulding applications, whilst the acid is neutralised and discharged.

What is it dangerous to dispose of lead-acid batteries?

Recycling lead-acid batteries is one of the most successful recycling programs in the world. Used lead-acid batteries are classified as hazardous waste under the Hazardous Waste Act 1989 and should not be disposed of with the regular garbage. All lead-acid batteries contain about 2-3 litres of sulfuric acid, as well as lead, both of which are toxic. Lead is a cumulative poison in our bodies and is also harmful to the environment, particularly fish, animals and plants. More than eighty thousand tonnes of lead-acid batteries are finished with each year. As hazardous waste, it is important these do not go to landfill.

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We provide a convenient drop off service for all of our domestic and residential customers. We specialise in removing your white-goods, lead-acid batteries, fridges, freezers, aluminium windows, old metal roofing – and that is only the start! If you have scrap metal you want removed, call us now to arrange a collection or delivery of a scrap metal bin.

Our scrap metal recycling centre is conveniently located in Albion (near Sunshine), the heart of Melbournes Western suburbs. We offer a wide range of scrap metal recycling resources to industrial, business, commercial, residential and domestic customers. This includes competitive scrap metal recycling prices for all metals and recycling programs tailored to suit our clients.