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e-Waste Recycling

Currently Scrappys does not accept ewaste.

Types of e-Waste:
  • CRT LED & LCD Monitors
  • CRT Plasma & LCD Televisions
  • Medium household appliances
  • Large household appliances
  • Medical devices, including analysers
  • Imaging and Radio Therapy equipment
  • Electric Cookers and Dishwashers
  • Vacuum Cleaners and Hairdryers
  • Electric Fans and Radiators
  • Leisure and Sports equipment
  • Electronic Fitness equipment
  • Air Conditioning units
  • Automatic Dispensers
  • Coin Slot machines
  • Photocopiers and Mobile Phones
  • Printers and Facsimile Machines
  • Cooling, Refrigeration and Freezing appliances
  • Small appliances including Toasters and Irons
  • Commercial Refrigerators and Freezers
  • Consumer electronics including Home Theatre equipment
  • Electrical tools including Drills and Electric Saws
  • Sewing Machines, Lawnmowers, Nail Guns
  • Electric Guitars, Amplifiers, Radios, Cameras
  • Toys including Video Game Consoles
  • Monitoring and Control instruments
  • Smoke Detectors and Thermostats
  • IT and Telecommunications equipment
  • Laptops, Computers and Servers

100% Data Security

For sensitive data such as customer records, employee personal data and commercial histories; data must be securely wiped from waste electronic storage using one of the industry’s data destruction technologies. With the privacy laws introduced this decade, businesses must take extra precautions with data theft. It is becoming increasingly important to ensure that retired equipment is adequately destroyed to protect the public.