Galvanised Steel

Galvanised Steel

Scrappys offers a full service for removing and recycling all galvanised steel products associated within this industry.

This can range from galvanised roofing iron, galvanised perlins and building structure components to the by-products of the galvanising industry.

Modern steel is manufactured from iron ore with ingredient such as coke, limestone, manganese, aluminium and nickel added, depending upon the alloy required. Steel is 100% recyclable and can be recycled an infinite amount of times, saving energy and raw materials each time it is reprocessed. Most steel has around 20% recycled content already.

We can supply bins, together with a free transport service removing and recycling any galvanised steel, roofing iron or building structure component anywhere within the greater Melbourne metropolitan area.

At Scrappys Metal Recycling Pty Ltd it is our first priority to provide the highest level of scrap metal recycling services to all of our domestic, commercial and industrial customers. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and dedication to customer service.

We provide a convenient drop off service to all of our domestic and residential customers. We specialise in removing your whitegoods, old appliances, fridges, freezers, aluminium windows, galvanised roofing iron – and that is only the start! If you have scrap metal you want removed, call us now to arrange a collection or delivery of a scrap metal bin.

Scrappys buys the full range of scrap for recycling including copper, lead, stainless steel, scrap whitegoods, brass, nickel, galvanised steel, aluminium, PVC and wire. Plus scrap cars, machinery, radiators, batteries, pipes, off-cuts, extrusion, pressings and more.

Our scrap metal recycling centre is conveniently located in Sunshine, the heart of Melbournes Western suburbs. We offer a wide range of scrap metal recycling resources to industrial, business, commercial, residential and domestic customers. This includes competitive scrap metal recycling prices for all metals and recycling programs tailored to suit our clients.

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